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Name:Dr. Albert Wily
Birthdate:Nov 18
There is a flame I have been fanning.
There is a fire waiting to catch.
There is a hell that has been building
from the moment we first met.

If there ever was a time,
If there ever was a chance,
To undo the things I've done
and wash these bloodstains from my hands,

It has passed and been forgotten.
These are the paths that we must take.
Cause you and I, Tom, we are men
And we can bend and we can break.

If you think that you can run,
If you think that you can stand,
Well you forget who turned this city on.
You forget who plugged this city in!

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doctor light, fedoras, megaman, protoman, robots, ruling the city, spandex unitards, terrifying sniper robots, the city
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